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St. John’s Newfoundland & Labrador Collision Statistics.

Intersection St. Johns, NL

The following is a summary of the St. John’s Collision Report 2012-2019. Since 2012, Newfoundland & Labrador’s provincial government has provided collision data to the city of St. John’s. The report contains data for collisions involving: a single vehicle, two or more vehicles, a vehicle and a pedestrian or cyclist, and a vehicle and an object (trees, walls, animals, etc.)

The report only includes data on collisions reported to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. Collisions occurring on private property were not included in the analysis. As such, collisions that occurred in private parking lots or provincial highways have been omitted.

The report reveals insights into St. John’s motor vehicle accident injury trends between 2012-2019:

  • Collisions causing injury showed a downward trend despite no large-scale change in traffic volume.
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists were more likely to result in an injury or death. 40 percent of pedestrian fatalities were the result of people being hit by a motor vehicle.
  • 41 percent of collisions occurred at intersections. Collisions at intersections were more likely to result in injury.
  • 91 percent of struck pedestrians and cyclists resulted in injury or death. (The report notes that accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians or cyclists that do not result in injury — or minor ones like scrapes or bruises — typically go unreported.)
YearFatality AccidentsInjury Accidents
Collision TypeFatality AccidentsInjury Accidents% of collision type resulting in injury or death
Hit Animal-1113%
Hit Cyclist-4091%
Hit Object16219%
Hit Parked Car11445%
Hit Pedestrian752891%
Rear End-228945%
Run off Road / Rollover523034%
Turning Movement (e.g. left turn into traffic)-89931%

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