Our History Of Standing Up For People Like You

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Jamie MacGillivray has spent over two decades representing the rights of injured people. MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law works exclusively on personal injury litigation. We now have thirteen lawyers and two articled clerks working out of offices in New Glasgow and Halifax. All our lawyers exclusively focus on injury, disability and insurance claims.

Our primary concern is always making sure that injured people have what they need to move forward after a tragic event and to build a successful future for themselves and their families. We are a dedicated team that overcomes the obstacles of injustice, so you do not have to worry about what will come next.

Sharing Our Knowledge With You

In everyday life, unfortunate events happen that have wide-ranging and devastating effects. We are here to help you, whether you have suffered catastrophic injury, been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, suffered harm at the fault of another or are being denied long-term disability benefits.

You should not be expected to know the law, be your own advocate and fight with insurance companies while you deal with the effects of a severe injury. We offer a free case review to assess how we may be able to help you, at no obligation to you. You deserve to have the right information about your case.

We Are A Team Focused On Your Cause

At MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law, our team is committed to working for you. We do not recover fees or expenses until we secure compensation for you. We use the advice and knowledge of expert witnesses — including medical specialists, accident reconstruction specialists, illustrators, engineers and industry experts — to build a strong case on your behalf.

Feeling lost? Let us help you find the way.

Being denied what is rightfully yours can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and powerless. Like you don’t even have a voice.

Many people who come to us are tired and frustrated. Their livelihood has been taken away from them and now, their future.

We ease their burden by taking the reins and navigating the thorny path ahead.

With tenacity and determination, we take on the big insurance companies to hold them accountable for their actions.    

Let us be your guide through this complex and rocky terrain.

We will advocate on your behalf, pouring all of our energies into getting you what you’re entitled to.

If we accept your case there will be no costs or fees until we achieve a successful result for you. Check out how can we help you.