Wrongful Death

Moving Forward After Losing A Loved One

Losing a close family member is always difficult, even when the passing was expected and loved ones have had time to prepare. When a death is the result of someone else's wrongdoing, the shock and devastation can compound the grief. For the survivors of a wrongful death, the emotional hardship can be exacerbated by financial stress. If the deceased person was the primary income-earner for the family, this loss can bring on economic uncertainty.

MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law is here to help you. We are sensitive to the difficulties you are experiencing as a survivor. We can provide you with rational advice and guidance through the specific legal rules that govern wrongful death claims across Atlantic Canada. As your lawyers, we are here to work in your best interest.


Wrongful death is a death that is the result of the intentional or negligent act of another person. In Canada, wrongful death claims are generally restricted to claims for specific losses experienced by close family members of the deceased. In Nova Scotia, for example, compensation can be sought for actual expenses family members incur as a result of the death. In addition, compensation for more intangible losses, such as loss of care, guidance and companionship, may be available to specific relatives of the deceased, including his or her parents, grandparents, children or spouse.

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At MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law, we will explore your relationship to the deceased and discuss how the law may be a means through which you obtain compensation for your loss. You can contact us to set up a consultation with one of our lawyers. This comes at no cost and no obligation.

No amount of money can ever make up for the loss of a loved one. The tool of the law, however, can help you with the practical and financial concerns of moving forward.