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Halifax, Nova Scotia Collision Statistics.

Halifax, NS Intersection

Annual collision data collected by the Halifax Regional Municipality can give insight into the kinds of traffic accidents occurring in Halifax and help the city devise ways to mitigate future traffic accidents.

This data is presented to the public via the Road Safety Dashboard, part of an open-data initiative by the HRM to make municipal data more accessible. The data is collected from traffic collision files closed by the RCMP and Halifax Regional Police.

The current dataset includes collision data collected between 2018 and 2022. Since the data for 2022 is incomplete as of this writing, we’ll look at years 2018-2021. The Road Safety Dashboard is updated monthly with new data from closed files. Thus, the data presented in the table below may change. For the most up-to-date information, see the Road Safety Dashboard.

YearNon-fatal InjuriesFatal InjuriesCollisions involving pedestriansCollisions involving cyclistsCollisions at intersectionTotal Collisions

2020 saw a significant drop in collisions resulting in both fatal and non-fatal injuries. Collisions were down overall for that year in Halifax. This is likely due to people travelling less frequently because of Covid- 19 and restrictions put in place within the city to reduce its spread.

Allstate Canada’s 2017 Safe Driving Study looked at the collision frequency of 93 cities in Canada. It found Halifax had the highest, a collision frequency of 7.9 per 100 automobiles. Of the four provinces covered in the study, Nova Scotia had the highest collision frequency at 6.1 percent.


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