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Scars and Lacerations – Injury Claim Worth.

Based on the following sampling of case law, the range for general damages awarded for suffering from scar and laceration injuries as a result of an accident is between $8,173 – $124,861 [adjusted for 2023 inflation rates]. The general damage award amounts for each individual case below have not been adjusted for inflation. For your convenience, the Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator can be accessed here.

As described in our General Damages Guide, these awards are only for general damages which compensate you for your pain and suffering. There are other types of damages that you may be entitled to claim, such as lost income and medical care costs, depending on the circumstances of your case. To assess the total value of your injury claim, try our Injury Claim Calculator or book a free consultation.

The case law

McKinlay v. Zachow, 2018 ABQB 365

  • The plaintiff was bitten on the left side of her face by a dog. She suffered puncture wounds on her left cheek, a black eye which twitched for some time after the attack, and a deep laceration on her upper lip requiring stitches. She was left with permanent scarring and an asymmetric upper lip, as well as emotional distress. She received $30,000 in general damages.

Boparai v. Boparai Estate, 2014 BCSC 1539

  • The 8-year-old plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident which claimed the lives of his mother and twin brother. He had no recollection of the accident. He suffered serious lacerations to his face, as well as soft tissue injuries to his neck, shoulder, right leg, and calf. The lacerations resulted in significant scarring for which he underwent multiple surgeries and procedures over a 9-year period. He was left with permanent scarring and discolouration in addition to emotional difficulties. He received $100,000 in general damages.

Araujo (Litigation Guardian of) v. Vincent, 2012 BCSC 1836

  • The 15-year-old plaintiff was struck by a truck in a parking lot while bending over to pick up her dropped cell phone. She suffered 3 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, fractured clavicle, badly cut nose and hand torn down to tendon, lacerations to knees, hands, thigh, shoulder, back, abdomen. She spent 5 days in the hospital and had surgery to repair the lacerations. Scarring remained on her hands, knees, thigh, face, and nose which was permanently deformed as well. She developed anxiety and PTSD and was self-conscious about her appearance. She received $70,000 in general damages.

Ross (Litigation Guardian of) v. Vidnes, 2012 SKQB 317

  • The 7-year-old plaintiff was bitten on her head and face by a dog, resulting in a considerable amount of skin and flesh being torn from his face. He suffered nerve damage and severe scarring from his left eye to jaw line. He underwent surgery which led to complications and required 6 to 8 months to heal. He also needed painful rabies shots. He was left with permanent dark scarring and a fear of dogs. He was teased by his classmates and had to move to another school. He received $55,000 in general damages.

Liu v. Demasi, 2012 ONSC 4061

  • The plaintiff was attacked by two dogs while walking his own dog. He suffered multiple bites to his right inner arm, outer arm, right forearm, left calf, and right flank. The wounds were cleaned and stapled at the hospital. He suffered anxiety about the permanent scarring on his body. He received $30,000 in general damages.

MacLellan (Litigation Guardian of) v. Fitzgerald, 2008 NSSC 318

  • The 6-year-old plaintiff was bitten on the face and ear by a dog that had gotten loose. She had punctures on her face, ear, and chin, and scratches on her face. There was significant bleeding at the time of the bite. She was in pain for a few weeks and had some fear of dogs for a short time. There was minor scarring visible at the time of trial two years after the event. She received $6,000 in general damages.

Zhan v. Kumar, 2008 BCSC 443

  • The plaintiff variety store owner was bitten by an unleashed dog while taking belongings from his store to his car. The bite caused multiple facial lacerations which required lengthy medical treatment including two operations. He suffered some residual numbness, pain, and scarring at the time of trial. He suffered depression as a result of the event and was unable to return to his employment. He received $35,000 in general damages.

Lumanlan v. Sadler, 2008 BCSC 1554

  • The 25-year-old plaintiff suffered a serious injury to her non-dominant left hand in a single vehicle accident in which she was a passenger. The skin was torn from the back of her hand, exposing her tendons. She suffered a fractured middle finger which was surgically repaired. Some of her finger joints were fused and 7 surgeries were required, including skin grafts taken from the thigh, to repair her injuries. She showed signs of osteoarthritis and had significant scarring on both her hand and thigh which caused her to be self-conscious. She received $50,000 in general damages.

Wood (Litigation guardian of) v. Meaford (Town), 2001 CanLII 28028 (ON SC)

  • The 11-year-old plaintiff suffered a gaping laceration to his left lower leg when he jumped out of a tree and impaled it on a metal stake that was in the ground supporting a tree. 60 stitches were required to close the wound which exposed the fatty tissue. He was left with a 4” long raised scar in which he had no feeling. He received $9,000 in general damages.

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