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Forearm – Injury Claim Worth.

Based on the following sampling of case law, the range for general damages awarded for suffering from forearm injuries as a result of an accident is between $25,827 – $137,039 [adjusted for 2023 inflation rates]. The general damage award amounts for each individual case below have not been adjusted for inflation. For your convenience, the Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator can be accessed here.

As described in our General Damages Guide, these awards are only for general damages which compensate you for your pain and suffering. There are other types of damages that you may be entitled to claim, such as lost income and medical care costs, depending on the circumstances of your case. To assess the total value of your injury claim, try our Injury Claim Calculator or book a free consultation.

The case law

Weatherall v. Seaba, 2008 ABQB 689

  • The plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident when the tire and rim separated from a nearby vehicle and collided with the plaintiff’s vehicle. He suffered a fractured left forearm which required open reduction and fixation, as well as cuts and lacerations to his head and face. He had ongoing weakness and pain in his forearm at the time of trial. He received $32,104.50 in general damages.

Dubitski v. Barbieri, 2006 ABCA 304

  • The plaintiff was injured while driving his motorcycle when another driver turned left in front of him, causing a collision. He suffered compound fractures to his radius and ulna with soft tissue loss in those same areas, intra-articular fracture of distal radius, fracture and dislocation of wrist requiring external rotation, carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist, and wounds on his arm which required skin grafts. Due to his injuries, he developed osteoarthritis in his wrists, mild depression, chronic pain, and premature arthritis. He was left with a 20% partial disability and was no longer capable of performing manual labour. He received $95,000 in general damages.

Bisoukis v. Brampton (City), 1999 CanLII 3825 (ON CA)

  • The plaintiff lost control of her vehicle while driving over black ice on a city road. She suffered a compound fracture of the right distal ulna, major laceration of her right forearm, and soft tissue injuries. She suffered from major affective disorder with severe depression following the accident. She received $75,000 in general damages, $35,000 of which were designated specifically for her physical injuries.

LeBlanc v. Legere, [1995] NBJ No. 5

  • The 64-year-old plaintiff was bitten by a dog on the right forearm and suffered 4 small superficial puncture wounds that did not require suturing. A full recovery with no long-term effects was expected, but the plaintiff experienced continuing pain, discomfort and some permanent disability by way of a weakened right arm. He had no difficulty with his everyday activities, but strenuous work posed a problem. He was awarded $20,000 in general damages.

Poirier (Guaradian ad litem of) v. Cholette, 1994 CanLII 1182 (BC SC)

  • The 12-year-old plaintiff was jumping on the defendant’s trampoline when she fell off and suffered two completely displaced and extremely unstable fractures to her right forearm. She had a complete recovery, but plastic surgery was needed to improve the appearance of the scarring on her forearm. She received $14,000 in general damages.

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