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Foot – Injury Claim Worth.

Based on the following sampling of case law, the range for general damages awarded for suffering from foot injuries as a result of an accident is between $36,214 – $230,049 [adjusted for 2023 inflation rates]. The general damage award amounts for each individual case below have not been adjusted for inflation. For your convenience, the Bank of Canada Inflation Calculator can be accessed here.

As described in our General Damages Guide, these awards are only for general damages which compensate you for your pain and suffering. There are other types of damages that you may be entitled to claim, such as lost income and medical care costs, depending on the circumstances of your case. To assess the total value of your injury claim, try our Injury Claim Calculator or book a free consultation.

The case law

Kania v. 1618278 Ontario Inc., 2015 ONSC 7042

  • The 27-year-old plaintiff suffered injuries as a result of a fall on the defendant restaurant’s premises. She encountered an unexpected change in elevation while walking on a patio area, fell, and fractured her right foot. Since the injury, she continually complained of pain and swelling in her right foot. Her fracture did not heal in perfect alignment. She had reached maximal medical improvement at trial. She developed a mild to moderate arthritic condition. She would likely have to undergo surgeries in the future. Her lifestyle had changed from that of an active person to that of a relatively inactive person struggling to cope with severe pain on a daily basis. She was awarded $100,000 in general damages.

DeWaard v. Capture the Flag Indoor Ltd., 2010 ABQB 571

  • The plaintiff injured his foot while playing laser tag when he fell through a hole at the defendant’s facility. He suffered a significant fracture dislocation of his foot, which required closed reduction and internal fixation. A second surgery was needed to remove the hardware. He missed nine months of work. The plaintiff was left with ongoing pain, swelling, post-traumatic osteoarthritis, and the injury had a significant impact on his ability to work and participate in physical activities. He received $50,000 in general damages.

Wozniak (Next Friend of) v. Alexander, 2008 ABQB 430

  • The 17-year-old plaintiff was injured in a boating accident. His foot was nearly severed by the boat propeller. He suffered a compound fracture to his heel bone, small bone in his lower leg, and outside ankle bone. He had nerve damage, soft tissue damage and lacerations of his tendons and muscle. The damage to his heel bone was irreversible, which required ankle fusion with internal fixation. He also suffered from pain in his neck, shoulders, and lower back. He required an additional surgery to remove the hardware. His injuries had a significant and permanent impact on his life and he was left with a significant permanent disability. He received $120,000 in general damages.

Daniel-Cuffy v. Gomes Pereira, 2005 CanLII 30319 (ON SC)

  • The 44-year-old plaintiff was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. She suffered permanent serious injury to her foot which left her permanently disabled. She could not return to her job as a nurse, and it was probable that she would have to undergo an ankle fusion operation. She received $150,000 in general damages.

Rothman v. Matus, 2004 CanLII 12657 (ON SC)

  • The plaintiff, aged 60, suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident. She suffered severe pain in her left knee, which caused her to place undue pressure on her right leg. She also suffered from headaches and neck pain, and walked with a distinctive limp. Her condition deteriorated over time, and she was not expected to be able to perform her normal day-to-day activities. She had, and would continue to have, problems walking, squatting, kneeling, standing and bending. The injuries interfered with her pre-accident activities such as cooking, cleaning, volunteering in the community, playing with her grandchildren, entertaining and travelling. She was no longer able to grocery shop and had difficulty going to the bathroom by herself. She was awarded $55,000 in general damages.

Doucette v. Thompson, 2002 NBQB 313

  • The plaintiff, a 46-year-old captain in the Canadian Armed Forces, suffered a fracture to his right fifth metacarpal, a fracture to his left fifth metatarsal, and moderate soft tissue injuries which affected his neck and right shoulder as a result of a motor vehicle accident. The hand fracture resolved as expected. The foot fracture and soft tissue injury continued to cause some difficulties, although he continued to engage in an active lifestyle. He was awarded $25,000 in general damages.

Holmden v. Brewster, 2000 CanLII 11071 (NB QB)

  • The 56-year-old plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle collision while driving his motorcycle. He suffered a dislocated toe and dislocated right mid-foot. He continued to experience discomfort six months post-accident. He received $22,000 in general damages.

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