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CommunityMar 11, 2021

Family, Fairness, Fight: Farhan’s Journey.

The legal system has always been an area of interest for Farhan Raouf.

“I always had that interest in the law and I was told that I was good at negotiation and resolving disputes and I think that helped me on my path toward law,” he says.

Farhan completed law school in Pakistan in 2010, then in 2013, came to Canada to complete his Masters in Law from the Dalhousie Schulich School of Law.

In 2015, Farhan joined MacGillivray Law, articling until he became an associate lawyer in 2017.

“I wanted to be in a relaxed community, not a large city,” he explains. “That’s why I chose Halifax, because it was a smaller city and it wasn’t too cold.”

Initially after completing his Masters, Farhan was interested in corporate law but he met with MacGillivray Law’s Founding Partner, Jamie MacGillivray, and after reading the reviews from clients and seeing how happy the people who worked at the firm were, he wanted to be a part of that.

“I got to learn directly from Jamie,” he notes. “That was the best part. The collaboration and the learning. Everyone at the firm was so approachable and any time I had a question I could go to any of the lawyers for help, and I think that really helped to propel my success.”

Through his work at MacGillivray Law, Farhan has been able to focus on helping people, people who don’t know their rights.

“Most people don’t know what their rights are because no one tells them. Doctors don’t always know, and insurance companies won’t tell them because they have their own agendas. We are the only neutral party in that we are actually looking out for the client’s best interests.”

The ability to fight for a client knowing that the entire firm is behind him, fully supporting him, is what gives Farhan the power to fight for his clients.

“We don’t just look for good cases, we take on many difficult cases where we can help people, that’s our main goal.”

While Farhan admits it was luck that drew him to MacGillivray Law, it has been the amazing people that have kept him here and the work he has been able to accomplish.

“I enjoy giving people the power to fight against insurance companies and, in the end, that feeling of control that they did something for the wrong that was done to them and that they can move on. I like knowing that some day my clients are going to look back and know that someone was there to fight for them when they couldn’t fight for themselves.”

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