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What Is Access To Justice?

Access to justice is the most pressing justice issue across all fields of law today. Whether you're talking about criminal law or civil litigation, it's become the major focus of the legal community, from governments, regulators, bar associations, lawyers, educators, and even the United Nations. It now needs to become an increasing topic of attention for those who use the system: everyday people like you. But with all of this new attention, do we really know what we are talking about? What does the phrase “access to justice” mean, particularly from the perspective of the public?

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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Civil litigation is expensive, slow and inadequate in situations where people have been denied long term disability benefits, or in car accident cases where they have suffered disabling injuries.  Our firm is in a never ending struggle to find ways to increase the speed with which these cases are resolved. Ultimately, the only thing an insurance company has to answer to is a Judge or Jury.  It takes a long time to get before them. 

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