A Doctor in Your Pocket?

The current physician shortage in Nova Scotia and other Atlantic provinces has been felt by many. Due to the current number of aging physicians, the province of Nova Scotia has forecasted that it will need to recruit over 1,000 physicians during the next 10 years. The current shortage can have major impacts on individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents or suffering from a sudden illness.

When an individual is involved in a motor vehicle accident and seeking compensation, they have a duty to mitigate their injuries; however, the current state of our healthcare can complicate this. Extended wait lines in emergency care or free clinics cause added stress and uncertainty. Luckily, the world of technology has developed a possible solution.

Maple is a new Canadian-based app that allows patients to instantly connect with a licensed family or emergency medical practitioner within Canada for medical care over a phone, tablet, or computer. These doctors are permitted to provide patients with medical notes for short absences from work, as well as for treatment sessions with chiropractors or registered massage therapists.  

It’s important to note that Maple is not intended for medical emergencies; 911 calls cannot be made through this app. Additionally, doctors cannot provide sick notes for recent ailments that occurred over a week ago or for absences longer than a week.

How It Works

The Maple app is free to download and there’s no cost to sign up; a fee only applies when a user sees a doctor. These online medical consultations and memberships are covered under many existing private healthcare plans. Individuals should consider looking into this before signing up.

After registering, individuals can log into Maple and click the “See a doctor” button. Next, they enter their symptoms or a description of their medical request. The app, then, filters the user’s location to locate the nearest licensed doctor. All prescriptions and sick notes are received digitally via the Maple app. Additionally, prescriptions are automatically faxed to the user’s pharmacy, or the user can opt for free delivery to their address.

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