Case Update: Air Canada Class Action

In case you missed it, we're counsel in a class action suit brought on behalf of passengers of Air Canada Flight 624, and we represent those who endured both physical and psychological injuries due to the negligence of the defendants.

Commercial Jet airplane parked at an airport

The Case

Class Action Court Name: Carroll-Byrne et al v. Air Canada, NAV Canada et al.
Nova Scotia Supreme Court File: Hfx No. 438657

So who's involved? We are co-counsel in a class action lawsuit launched by people who were passengers of Air Canada Flight 624 from Pearson International Airport in Toronto to Halifax International Airport in Halifax on March 28, 2015. The Defendants include Air Canada, Nav Canada, the Halifax International Airport Authority, the flight's Captain, and the First Officer.

This class action lawsuit alleges that the negligence of these defendants caused the crash landing of this flight, resulting in both physical and psychological injuries to passengers. Most importantly, we've accepted this case on contingency, meaning that our clients won't incur any fees unless we win their case. This is really important because it gives our clients access to justice, which means they're able to bring a case against large companies like Air Canada without quickly running out of resources or funds.

Through this claim and the TSB investigation our clients hope to be able to access information about what problems contributed to the crash. Our clients believe based on the known facts that there was likely negligence on the part of the Defendants.

We believe that claims like this help change the behaviour of profit motivated corporations - keeping them accountable to people they hurt and encouraging higher safety standards.

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