Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accidents happen every day on our highways and the streets that run through our communities. Every detail of the collision can affect who gets hurt and the nature of their injury claim. Whether your collision involved a truck, a motorcycle, or non-drivers, such as pedestrians or bicyclists, a car accident lawyer can help you understand Atlantic Canada laws.

MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law has been standing up for injured Nova Scotians since 1994. Our team of lawyers, working out of offices in Halifax, New Glasgow and St. John’s plus satellite offices in Moncton and Fredericton comprised of experienced advocates for those who have suffered severe trauma and need access to every benefit available to them — whether it is through their insurance policy or a lawsuit against the person who caused the accident. Get in touch with us immediately so we can start working on your case.


The Insurance Act protects all the Atlantic Canada provinces, covering every aspect of a motor vehicle collision. Its contents are divided into four sections:

  • Section A: When You’re Injured at the Fault of Another. This section permits you to claim against the other driver’s Section A insurance for injuries and damages caused by the driver at fault.

  • Section B: Compensation. This section covers a maximum of $50,000 for medical expenses and $250 per week for lost wages. This is done through your own insurance policy or that of the car you were driving at the time.

  • Section C: Damages. This section covers damages to your vehicle after it has been in an accident.

  • Section D: Injuries. This section applies when you have been injured by an or unidentified or unidentified driver.

The insurance company for the driver who is at fault is responsible for your injury claim for damages. Nova Scotians in Halifax and New Glasgow also receive some benefits from the no-fault insurer in this province, often called Section B insurance or Section B benefits. However, this system comes with many details which affect the benefits you receive and when. As your lawyers, we will always make sure you understand how your insurance works and help you meet the criteria to maximize your claim. We help clients to navigate specific aspects of insurance, including:

It is a reality that many people across Atlantic Canada are forever changed by their car accident injuries. When the accident is another person's fault, it is possible to sue after a car accident. When you require this extensive advocacy from your law firm in Halifax, New Glasgow, and St. John’s, you can feel a sense of confidence after choosing us. Our dedication and compassion are backed by our extensive legal knowledge and experience.

Remember that if you lend your car to someone and it is involved in an at-fault accident, it will be applied to your insurance record and your premiums will increase.

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