We're Atlantic Canada's largest personal injury law firm and we believe your future is worth fighting for. We focus exclusively on personal injury and insurance litigation, and that involves going the extra mile on every case we take to pursue justice for clients all over Atlantic Canada, including Moncton.  

We make housecalls to clients all over New Brunswick who are suffering from accident injuries or if you are being unfairly denied disability insurance, and there is never any obligation and no up front fees or expenses if we accept your case. Whether you've been hurt in a car accident, or have been in some way injured at the fault of another person, contact us today with your story and let us know what questions and concerns you might have, because we're here to help.


meet jamie macgillivray

Jamie has practiced personal injury and insurance law since 1994, and exclusively since 1999.  He's the founder of MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law which is now one of the region's leading plaintiff personal injury practices and the largest in Atlantic Canada.

Jamie has an interest in using his skills in litigation to help fight industry practices that are destructive to the environment, and to provide a check and balance against the increasing power of multi-national corporations and the concentration of wealth and power in an increasingly small number of people

kent was hurt, so we went to him

Kent was the unfortunate victim of a hit-and-run accident while riding his motorcycle, but the incident didn't end there. Kent's hand was injured making him unable to work, and his insurance company wanted to settle with him quickly and quietly, with an offer that wasn't fair for him in the long run.

Learn more about Kent's story here.


"The settlement obtained with the help of MacGillivray Law put us back on our feet." – Kent, Personal Injury Client

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