Insurance Companies Didn't Want To Help linda

I was able to get my life back again. I felt a sense of hope.
— Linda, Long Term Disability Client

Over a single weekend Linda's life changed forever. After suffering a stroke at the end of her 30 year career, Linda's insurance company suddenly refused to pay for her disability claim after two years. The added stress and anxiety of her claim being denied left Linda in an impossible spot, and without being able to return to work, Linda's livelihood was left in jeopardy too.

We were able to help answer Linda's questions, and help assure her that her and her family would recover not only financially, but make sense of her future. Linda felt left behind by her insurance company, and we were able to make it right simply by advocating for her situation based on our experience with disability claims. All Linda had to do was contact us and we were able to do the rest.