Injuries to Children

We Help Parents Secure A Positive Future For Their Children

Perhaps no event is more terrifying for parents than an injury to their child. Children deserve to grow up in an environment that is safe. Unfortunately, unexpected and tragic events occur that place parents in the position of having to plan for the immediate and long-term care of a child whose physical, emotional and cognitive development may be changed because of injury.

MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law is sensitive to the needs of Nova Scotia parents who are reeling from the effects of an injury to their child. We have helped many Atlantic Canadians through the process of recovery from injury, and we will bring our knowledge, experience and compassion to secure a positive future for your child.

Knowing The Potential For Severe Injury

The children of even the most hands-on, caring and present parents are victims of severe injury. At our firm, our child injury lawyers help parents whose children have suffered injury in events such as:

Legal claims involving children are particularly complex. The full extent of your child's challenges may not be apparent until many years after an accident. Specific legal requirements apply to claims pursued on behalf of children that are intended to ensure any settlements are arrived at in the child's best interests.

As experienced and diligent lawyers, we will use the resources at our disposal to provide you with the strongest legal representation and to pursue a positive result for your child's case. We will speak with the right medical and financial experts to get a clear picture of what the future may hold for your child and what support he or she will need. As your case progresses, we will remain in contact with you, so we have a full understanding of how your child's life is progressing and how we may be of help.