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Halifax Car Accident Lawyers.

MacGillivray Law is an award-winning personal injury law firm located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. For nearly 30 years, our firm has been helping people injured in motor vehicle accidents reach fair and favorable settlements with insurance companies.

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Why should you speak to a lawyer about your car accident?

The moment an insurance company learns of your accident, they begin the process of strengthening their case against you. Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They have their own legal teams that work diligently to ensure their money stays in their pockets.

Unfortunately, getting a fair settlement from insurance companies after an accident is difficult by design. The average person is not equipped to press insurance companies to pay their fair share. People are often left in a vulnerable position after an accident. A person who cannot work because of their accident injury is more likely to settle for a small amount of money. Insurance companies know time is on their side, not yours.

MacGillivray Law works for you, not the insurance company.

We have a diverse team of over thirty lawyers at our firm who deal with injury claims exclusively. In addition to our lawyers, we have assisting teams of paralegals and litigation support. Together, our lawyers and support staff comprise Team MLO. When you sign with our firm, you will have your own lawyer representing your claim, and an entire team working to ensure your interests are represented against the insurance company.

Your injuries

Car accidents can lead to injuries ranging from minor to severe. “Minor” injuries can seem relatively non-serious at first, but over time, can grow into debilitating health issues or disabilities. Soft tissue injuries, like whiplash, for example, may not show their painful symptoms right away. It is important to see a doctor right after your accident so a record of your checkups and treatments can be started immediately. This will be valuable information in your fight for benefits.

More serious accident injuries, like broken bones or fractures, traumatic brain injuries, or paralysis, can require long term care. Your lawyer, working with medical professionals, will make calculations based on your projected long-term needs. We will also ensure you have access to benefits you are entitled to which the insurance company may overlook or refuse to pay.

In the event you reach out on behalf of a loved one who is deceased as the result of a car accident, our team will help you and your family get the benefits you need.

The insurance company’s settlement offer

As stated above, the insurance company does not always offer fair settlements to people injured in car accidents. Insurance companies want to settle claims before you have a chance to get your bearings after an accident. The moment you are injured, they see a running clock that must be beat before your claim grows too large. If your injuries worsen, the settlement the insurance company will be expected to pay will grow. Insurance companies know once you accept their offer, you can never ask for more money. It’s a done deal. So, insurance companies have the incentive to convince, or even pressure you, to accept their first, second, or even third offer.

The insurance company’s offer is not always the best one. It is often severely undervalued.

How a lawyer can get the best settlement offer for you

They say, “knowledge is power.” Knowledge becomes incredibly beneficial when navigating the Nova Scotia legal system, a system that is intricate, complex, and based on legal precedents set across Canada. Experienced personal injury lawyers understand the law, they know the benefits you are entitled to and will negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies for a fair settlement. No insurance company wants to spend the expense of going to court. Legal proceedings can be costly for insurance companies, often exceeding the costs of their initial settlement offer. While a personal injury claim going to court is a rare occurrence, the lawyers of MacGillivray Law are ready to take the insurance company to court if they do not negotiate fairly.

One of our Halifax lawyers, Chad Horton, used to work for big insurance. Chad knows the inner workings of the insurance industry, having been on the inside. Having lawyers with experience working for “the other side”, as part of Team MLO, is one of the ways MacGillivray Law stands out from other firms and gives us a competitive advantage when settling car accident insurance claims.

What are you entitled to after being injured in a car accident?

The circumstances of a car accident will dictate what you are entitled to receive as part of a settlement. If you are not at fault for the accident, there are different categories of monetary awards that you can claim. These categories include compensation for pain and suffering related to your injuries, lost wages and reduced capacity to earn wages in the future, loss of housekeeping capacity, costs for medical and rehabilitative care, and out-of-pocket costs stemming from the accident.

If you are at fault for the accident, you can still make a claim through your own insurance for medical expenses and lost wage payments.

We put your interests first. We look at your personal circumstances and the facts of your car accident to maximize the benefits you are entitled to.

Starting your accident claim

Once you contact MacGillivray Law, our intake team will take some basic information about your car accident and injuries then begin the process of building your file. Next, you will be paired with a lawyer and a paralegal who will work with you over the course of your case. They will handle the day-to-day details of your case, like gathering evidence and negotiating on your behalf. Teamwork is an important of part of our firm ethos. Your lawyer and paralegal will have access to the combined knowledge and experience of the entire legal team and support staff at MacGillivray Law. Our team, which we affectionately call “Team MLO”, will be there to assist your case from beginning to end.

Contact us today for a free consultation. If you have questions we did not answer here, let us know.


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“Okay, here goes. This Law Firm was absolutely amazing. They pulled a rabbit from a hat on my behalf, thank you so much guys.”

Barry Hunt

“From my first meeting to my last meeting I was always treated with the greatest professionalism. All the staff are very polite and helpful.”

Gail Moore

“After being rear ended while stopped at a red light by a driver who was preoccupied with something else, I have been dealing with whiplash. I contacted MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law. MacGillivray took care of everything and with ease…”

Janet Flewelling

“My experience at was very positive from start to finish. Nicolle Snow was very professional and an excellent injury lawyer.”

Mark Mitchell

“I wish I could give this company more than 5 stars… Awesome law firm, friendly and with you every step of the way.”

Senadin Delic

“Daniel Wood from MacGillivray Law took care of my insurance claims from not one, but two car accidents. Daniel worked hard, kept me well-informed, and ensured my settlements were well above what I had been initially offered.”

Emma Carter

“After being denied LTD on several occasions, I decided to hire MacGillivray Law. They are professional, thorough, and very caring.

They got my case resolved in less than a year and got a settlement I am happy with.”

Ute Simard

“Very happy with the staff and their tenacity, honesty, and communications while handling my claim. This firm came highly recommended by a friend, and for good reason – extremely professional and forthcoming with as much information as possible.”

P Pahl

“In 2020 I was in a car accident. The team at MacGillivray Law was able to secure an amount that would take care of future treatments as well as adequate compensation for overall damages. I cannot thank them enough for making this process seamless and we will always be a MacGillivray Law family.”

Cody Priest

“MacGillivary Law are absolutely wonderful to work with! I would recommend their team to anyone that needs their services. And a special thank you to Madison Veinotte, who gave me hope, guidance and understanding when I needed it the most.”

C. Sooley

“From day one, I felt comfortable with Melanie at MacGillivray Law. She led the way with her expertise and knowledge, and I never felt pressured in any way. I am very satisfied with everyone that I dealt with.”

Rhonda Jesso
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