Fire Loss Claims

Your Law Firm For Insurance Claim Disputes

Property insurance is supposed to be a safety net for homeowners in the event tragedy occurs. The regular payment of premiums to an insurer should mean you have access to compensation for fire, water and other property damage. Some homeowners discover, however, that insurers may not uphold their end of the contract when it comes to paying out claims.

As a Nova Scotia law firm focused on helping injured people, MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law fights insurance companies on a daily basis. We consistently stand up for the little guy; we stand up for your rights to be free from financial distress.

Factors Affecting Fire Loss Claims

Insurance companies will normally scrutinize any claim for compensation under a policy. When it comes to fire losses, the insurance company may push back on your claim on certain grounds which may include:

  • Alleging arson
  • Alleging you misrepresented your information when you entered into the policy
  • Alleging the fire was as a result of a use of the property not allowed for under the policy

An insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurer. Your insurer is one party to this contract; it does not have the final say on what is allowed under the policy. When your claim is denied, you have the right to fight for your right to payment.

We know insurance law, and we know how the actions of insurance companies can sometimes hurt innocent people. When you have a contract of insurance, you should be able to rely on it. To learn how we can help you recover following property damage, get in touch with our firm.