Financial Adviser Negligence

Here To Help You Take Legal Action

Many people believe that part of prudent financial planning is obtaining the advice of a financial advisor. In most cases, this is true: advisors usually give accurate and informed advice and keep your best interests in mind. Sometimes, however, advisors recommend courses of action that are ill-advised or take steps that are outright fraudulent.

Our lawyers at MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law have represented families across Atlantic Canada who have suffered major financial losses due to financial planner negligence. Professional advisors are placed in a position of trust by their clients. When your advisor violates that trust, you can take legal action.

When Your Advisor Doesn't Put You First

Financial advisors, including mutual fund dealers and investment advisors, will recommend you purchase certain financial products to help your portfolio. In some cases, however, these transactions are complex. When large assets are at stake, people may have to borrow money to purchase investments.

Your advisor should be transparent when it comes to the work he or she does for you. When an advisor falsifies paperwork to secure financing for you, misrepresents you or your assets, or takes other steps that are not consistent with his or her duties to act honestly, you have a right to take legal action to fight back.


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