Environmental Injuries

Standing Up For The Rights Of Injured People

Corporations and individuals have a responsibility to take care of the natural environment. This is not just for the sake of our natural world. Failure to prevent toxins from entering the environment can lead to severe health consequences for human beings. They may feel these consequences immediately or only after many years of toxic exposure.

MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law is a Nova Scotia law firm that is focused on pursuing legal recourse on behalf of those who have suffered harm at the fault of another. If you have experienced severe health effects due to environmental toxins, you have legal options. As your lawyers, we can review them with you and pursue them if it is appropriate in your circumstances.

Wide Range Of Potential Environmental Injuries

A lawsuit based on environmental harm can take many forms. It may be a toxic exposure claim, for example in the case of a "sick" building that contains mold or asbestos. It may also be based on harm suffered by residents of a community, for example those who live near an industrial site. Sudden environmental disasters, such as oil spills off the coast of the Maritimes, are other potential areas where people may suffer harm and legal action is possible.

We believe every injured person deserves a voice. We know that when you are hurt, you have a right to the legal information you need to know what steps you can take to care for yourself and your loved ones. That is why our services are on a contingency fee basis: you do not pay us until we secure compensation for you. You therefore risk nothing by giving us a call. Let us tell you how we can help.