Defective Building Design

When Your Asset Fails To Meet The Standard

A new home purchase is a substantial financial investment, for both first-time buyers and seasoned participants in the real estate market. When you put money into a home, you rely on the assurances of the property builder that the building is properly designed and constructed. If property defects are revealed, you may have limited access to compensation through insurance because of details in your homeowners coverage.

MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law is a Nova Scotia law firm dedicated to standing up for your rights in the face of opposition from powerful institutions. When you have suffered financial harm from a building defect, we can help. We can give you the legal representation you need to recover compensation for your losses.

Standing Up For Your Legal Rights

Defective building design can become apparent in a number of ways. The building's architecture may be such that a building, such as condominium complex, is subject to water damage. When buildings do not meet legal codes for safety, and injury results, those that constructed the building may be subject to a negligence lawsuit. If you have suffered harm, we can negotiate with your insurer to make sure you get the compensation you need to rebuild.

As an injury law firm, MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law can also fight for you or a loved one who has suffered catastrophic injury as a result of an accident caused by a building defect. When you are hurt, you deserve to have an advocate on your side. Our legal team works for injured people throughout Atlantic Canada.