What to Do if You’re Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

Hit and run accidents can be startling and upsetting. If you’ve ever been hit by a car while on foot or behind the wheel and had the driver intentionally leave the scene without providing you any contact information, you have been victim of a hit and run.

Here are a few things you can do to properly deal with a hit and run accident:

Assess Your Injury

Hit and run accidents can cause injury, and in some cases, death. After you have been hit, it is important to move slowly as you assess the severity of your injuries. If you suspect you may have broken bones, or are bleeding excessively, call an ambulance immediately.

Gather Information

You may be shook up, or worse, injured, but it’s important to remember as much information as possible about the accident. Things like time of day, colour, make, and model of the car, and any license plate numbers or letters will increase your chances of catching the driver. If you have a pen handy, write these things down.

Take Photos

Nowadays, most everyone has a mobile phone with a built-in camera. It’s important to take pictures of the scene, as well as of any personal injuries or damage to your car (especially if the other vehicle’s paint is present on your car.)

Find Witnesses

After the accident, and once you’ve thoroughly assessed your injuries, it’s important to find as many witnesses as possible. These could be pedestrians, drivers, or people having lunch at a nearby restaurant. Gather their phone numbers and emails in case you might need to get in touch later.

Report the Accident

Hit and runs are frustrating—the driver flees the scene leaving you to deal with the repercussions. It is important to report your accident soon after it happens. First, call your local police station and give them as much detail as possible about the incident. You must also report the accident to your insurance company.

Even if the police cannot find the driver who hit you, filing an accident report will give you an official document to work with and likely quicken the insurance claim process.

It’s important to stay calm during and after a hit and run. Speeding off after the driver who hit you can be dangerous to you and other drivers on the road.

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