Sue a loved one after accident?

Many of the car accident cases that we handle are between strangers. Sometimes, however, people come to see us after being involved in a car accident with a loved one. Perhaps they were the passenger in the car that their husband was driving when he lost control and crashed, or maybe their mother accidently rear-ended them at a stop light.

When these situations occur, people are very reluctant to sue. They assume that their loved one will suffer if they make a claim against them so they do not seek compensation for their injuries. As a result, these victims end up struggling both physically and financially.

However, making a claim like this does not affect your loved one's insurance or their financial state. The accident counts as one "at fault" accident whether there is a small property damage claim or a large personal injury claim. When you sue your loved one after a car accident, their insurance company actually takes over the claim and is responsible for compensating you.

In fact, we recently settled a case involving a young couple travelling along a highway in the Maritimes. Our client was the front seat passenger in the vehicle that her boyfriend was driving. He lost control of his vehicle due to dangerous weather conditions resulting in a single motor vehicle accident.

Unfortunately, our client was badly hurt as a result of the car accident. She suffered personal injuries to her right wrist and hand, which have caused ongoing hardship for her. Because her boyfriend was at fault for the accident, our client sought compensation for her injuries from her boyfriend's insurance company.

Ali Raja, a lawyer at MacGillivray Law Office, fought for the compensation that our client deserved. In January 2015, we settled the case securing a settlement in the amount of $145,000 for our client, which her boyfriend's insurance company paid.

So if you are involved in a car accident where your loved one is at fault, we recommend that you seek legal opinion and then make an informed decision whether you want to pursue a claim for your injuries, which might affect you for the rest of your life.

At MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law, we put people first. When you have been badly hurt in a motor vehicle accident and need someone to stand up for you, we are here to help.