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LTD: “Own” and “Any” Occupation

The terminology used by an insurer to define “disability” is the most important part of any long-term disability insurance policy. The definition determines when an insured person isn’t liable for disability benefits, and what criteria they must meet in order to receive compensation. When benefits are denied, it’s our role as lawyers with expertise in disability claims to find out the details of our clients’ insurance policy and take legal action against the disability insurer. 

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Injured in a car accident at work

Pursuing legal action after an injury on the job is usually done through the Workers Compensation Board, but not always. In certain instances, a worker has the right to “opt out” of WCB coverage as long as they are not suing their employer. This means a worker can take personal legal action through a third party claim – that’s where we come in. As lawyers who exclusively represent injury victims we can assure you we are well equipped to represent you and get the settlement you rightly deserve.

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