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Changing Perceptions of Marijuana

The stigma around marijuana has changed a great deal over the past decade. In the most recent national election the issue of legalizing marijuana seemed to be popular among Canadians. It is a subject that perceptions have changed greatly on over the past decade. Public opinion of marijuana has not changed over-night, it has happened through small incremental steps that fight against the criminal stigma associated with the drug. A recent human rights decision in Nova Scotia may be the next step in helping to change the way marijuana is perceived all-across Canada.

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Why the Limitations of Actions Act Matters

When it comes to filing a claim, timing is crucial. Depending on the type of incident, and where the wrongful conduct occurred, your window of opportunity to take legal action can vary substantially. This period of time is known as the limitation period and is in accordance with each province’s and territory’s Limitation of Actions Act.

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