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What can you do legally when a loved one is killed by someone’s negligence?

The emotional trauma is unbearable when one loses a family member due to negligence of others. Such a tragedy could be a result of a car accident injuries or an accident claim on a poorly maintained property. But issues that arise consequent to the death of a loved one are not constrained only to the emotional class. The financial difficulties faced by survivors of a deceased are also not trivial. 

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Disability Insurance

In Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc., v. Brine, 2015 NSCA 104, Mr. Brine was covered under a long term disability policy with Industrial Alliance (“Industrial”). The Policy required Industrial to be the last payor for his disability benefits. But Mr. Brine recovered some benefit amounts from other sources too. Industrial, as a result, stopped paying him until the overpayments were reimbursed to Industrial.

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