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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Civil litigation is expensive, slow and inadequate in situations where people have been denied long term disability benefits, or in car accident cases where they have suffered disabling injuries.  Our firm is in a never ending struggle to find ways to increase the speed with which these cases are resolved. Ultimately, the only thing an insurance company has to answer to is a Judge or Jury.  It takes a long time to get before them. 

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The Worst Drivers in Canada?

Driving safely requires a certain amount of skill. The Question that everyone wants to know is, where are the worst drivers in Canada from? It may be surprising, and a bit scary to hear that the worst drivers in our country may be found in Halifax, according to an Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study (2015). The study looked at collision reports in different communities across Canada from 2013-2015. In the study Halifax was tied with the Toronto suburb of Ajax for last place. Halifax had a collision claims frequency of 7.12% (per 100 cars), the highest rate in the study.

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