Common Road Rage Triggers

One in three Canadians admit to suffering from road rage once a month, the common triggers being tailgating, seeing others driving while distracted, and being cut off. This is largely credited to the failure of transportation infrastructure to keep up with rising suburban development.

By understanding the common road rage triggers, you’re better able to prevent yourself from developing road rage and identify the signs of road rage in others.


This is among the most frustrating triggers for Canadian drivers and also one of the most dangerous. Tailgating is often accompanied by other aggressive driving habits that are unnerving to even the most experienced drivers. It’s especially difficult for new or elderly drivers who feel extremely uncomfortable in this situation. Always be sure to leave plenty of space between you and the driver in front. By doing so, you make sure there isn’t an accident in the event of a sudden stop.

Lane Issues

Multi-lane highways and roads are known to cause irritation for drivers. Some of the most common complaints are regarding merge lanes and the use of the left lane. Many drivers use merge lanes incorrectly and fail to accelerate to the correct speed, making it difficult to merge with existing traffic. Moreover, in particularly dense traffic areas, there are incidents where drivers on the road won’t allow other drivers to merge.

Another issue with lanes is the improper use of the left lane. Typically, the left lane is used as a passing lane and reserved for those driving at a faster speed. When this doesn’t occur, drivers are unable to pass causing congestion on the road.

Poor Road Etiquette

Yes, it’s true—other people’s frustration can actually increase yours. Prolonged or excessive honking increases the pressure in a precarious driving situation, especially considering the fact that honking is supposed to be reserved for emergencies, where you need to capture the attention of drivers around you. Cutting other drivers off and taking unnecessary risks to get ahead of traffic is another cause of road rage that is observed daily. Avoid this by always using your turn signals and making sure there is plenty of room for the manoeuvre you’re about to make.

Heightened Emotional State

When you’re in a heightened emotional state, it’s easier for even the smallest of triggers to anger you and set you off. Perhaps you just had a frustrating meeting at work or a family conflict. Whatever the case may be, make sure to calm yourself down before stepping behind the wheel. The extra 30 minutes to grab a coffee or chat with a friend is worth it to help prevent you from being involved in a dangerous situation.

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