Deal with Fire , Smoke Damage

When your property is ravaged by fire, you become distraught over the loss of investment and sentimental items inside. Your mind is in chaos. But after the shock subsides and the realization that it can happen to anyone hits, the stress of costly repairs and fire cleanup, as well as the potential fight with insurance companies that descend upon you. With all of this ahead of you, it’s important to get organized so you can regain your life.

Get Restorative Help

Now that the emergency has been handled, contact a restoration and remediation company that specializes in fire and smoke damage. They will help with the removal of damaged materials and other debris, as well as make repairs and find replacement pieces. It’s a big job, so accept all the help you can get. The more support you get, the more motivation and confidence you’ll have to move forward with the cleanup.

Start Cleaning Up

It’s easy to be frustrated and upset as you clean up your broken, burnt, or ash-covered belongings, but remember that your damaged property needs to be moved to another location so the insurance company can investigate the extent of the damage. Don’t throw anything away yet.

Call in the repair technicians only after the cleanup has finished. This will allow for ease of access and simplify the identification of what items and areas can be repaired.

Plan a Budget

Fires are notorious for their cause of massive damage. It doesn’t matter the size of the fire because even a small one can ravage a home. You’ve invested so much time, energy, and money into your property, that now you’ll have to budget for repairs to bring it back to a state that was close to its final version before the fire.

File an Insurance Claim

If you want to receive compensation for your property loss, file an insurance claim. It’s tedious, but it’s important to do it as soon as possible because the claim process becomes more difficult if you wait.

Fight for Payment

Insurance companies investigate claims to ensure they are the real deal. Fire loss claims make them suspicious of arson and fraud, so they may argue your claim.  But your insurance policy is a contract, and although the insurer is one of the parties of the contract, they do not have the final word on what is allowed.

The personal injury and insurance lawyers at MacGillivray are here to fight back for you when insurance companies decide not to pay your compensation. You’re already dealing with the loss of your property and personal belongings—let us take away some of the stress. Contact us today in Atlantic Canada.

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