The Truth About Insurance

If you’ve heard about the Ontario study on auto insurance that concluded motorists paid through the roof for premiums, you may think it’s all about rates.

Think again.

Stack sales and receipt overload

The independent study, conducted by two York University business professors, sheds an important light on the way insurance companies profit significantly from deserving claims while drivers and passengers second-guess their right to make a claim in the first place.

This stance is part of a broader movement within the insurance industry that effectively discredits the concerns of injured people. The manipulation can be subtle but the ramifications are great. In short, these misconceptions and wrongly held beliefs can have a huge impact on the lives of everyday citizens when considering whether to make a claim.

Car accidents can ruin lives. They can prevent you from working again, walking again or becoming the productive member of society you once were. The psychological toll can be devastating and you may not know to pick up the pieces. 

As an injured party, you have every right to seek the compensation to which you are entitled. No amount of money can replace a damaged limb but financial security can bring peace of mind and a safe future for you and your loved ones.

That’s why misleading messages that play upon people’s ignorance and misunderstanding of their rights can be so harmful. 

In the Ontario auto insurance study, professors Fred Lazar and Eli Prisman argue that auto insurance companies in that province have had “a free ride” over the years because of an inflated return on equity. 

If you want to see for yourself how drivers in that province have been impacted, you can download the full report at

Our colleagues from the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association have done a good job of dispelling some of the myths and opening people’s eyes to the misinformation out there.

At MacGillivray Law, we think the problem runs even deeper.

Insurance companies like to suggest victims’ benefits are being reduced because of extravagant claims. Law firms like ours are working hard to help people understand the truth.