How Far Will Insurance Companies Sometimes Go Not to Pay You?

Facebook, Instagram and other social media forums are great for keeping up on news, staying in touch with old friends and keeping in contact and sharing pictures with loved ones. However, friends and family may not be the only ones who are looking through your pictures and reading your updates. Many insurance companies use these social media sites to find pictures or information that may be contradictory to an injury claim that is being made. Insurance companies will go to great lengths not to pay out these claims.

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The insurance companies will hire private investigators to gather information to verify the credibility of a particular injury claim. They can take video or photographs of an injured person anytime they are in a public setting. If this person works at a job that is done in the public arena they can also be videotaped at work. They may park outside of houses or wait outside of public spaces such as a doctor’s office. There have even been instances where individuals have been filmed inside of rinks while cheering for their children during hockey games.

There are rules that these private investigators must follow. They cannot talk to you while pretending to be someone else. They also should not be entering private spaces. Though it is comforting to know that there are some restrictions, some people believe that the notion of being spied on and filmed without one’s knowledge is wrong. The rules that limit these Private Investigators are very difficult to enforce because the video footage does not need to be given over to your lawyer. All that the insurance company must provide is the particulars of the surveillance. These particulars include details on where and when the surveillance was conducted and what you were doing in the footage.

The information that is gathered can have a profound impact on your credibility in court. The notion of being spied on understandably does not sit well with people. This could be seen as insurance companies further victimizing victims. However, insurance companies argue it is a necessary tool in preventing fraud. The video evidence can be taken out of context, or used as a tool to spook people into abandoning their case. Regardless, you must be aware of the tactics and practices of some of these insurance companies. By knowing this information, you will be able to better protect yourself from being intimidated by these tactics.

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