Help When You No Longer Get The Benefits You Need

Long-term disability is often provided under a contract with an insurer. When you are hurt, you may find you get benefits initially; however, after a certain period of time, those benefits stop. You may be subject to what insurers call a "change in definition."

While your insurer may say you no longer have a right to benefits, your insurer does not have the final say. The lawyers at MacGillivray Injury and Insurance Law help workers throughout Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada to get their benefits re-established, so they are able to continue to live their lives with dignity.

The Two-Year Mark: What It Means

Under many long-term disability policies, benefits are payable if an injured person is, as a result of the disability, unable to continue in his or her "own occupation." Commonly, after at least two years have passed, the person will only continue to receive benefits if he or she is unable to work in "any occupation." While this may seem clear-cut to insurers, for the injured person in need of financial support and his or her advocates, this issue is not straightforward. Our lawyers can, and do, help injured people get the support they need.

Severe injury can result from car accidents, sporting accidents, or the negligent acts of another party. Regardless of what gave rise to your need for long-term disability coverage, our lawyers can investigate your entitlements to support and advocate for you, even when your benefits have been stopped. With offices in Halifax and New Glasgow, and a willingness to see you in your home or community if necessary, our lawyers and staff members are dedicated to helping injured people. For compassion, dedication and the experience you need, contact our firm.


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